Become an Angel

RHV Angel Investors


Whether you are driven to learn about the latest technologies, to share your expertise by giving back to the start-up ecosystem or to generate asset returns, an RHV membership with Robin Hood Ventures has many benefits.

Joining the RHV Angels can be both fun and rewarding. Although we act individually, making our own investment decisions, our members closely collaborate while evaluating opportunities, leading funding rounds as well as working closely with our portfolio companies.


Get to know and interact with our 60 + members. Our members include serial entrepreneurs, successful executives, and prominent investors. They bring a wealth of expertise to evaluate deals as well as to assist our portfolio companies.


Robin Hood Ventures invests as a partnership (LP) in every deal in which we invest. you the opportunity to combine your investment with other members. This gives us the leverage to influence deal terms, receive Board seats and lead funding rounds.


As a premier angel group in the Mid-Atlantic region, RHV attracts high quality investment opportunities. By playing an active role in the community through mentorship, participation in venture forums and accelerators, we have eyes on the great early-stage companies. We co-invest with other regional angel groups, venture capital firms and organizations such as BioAdvance, Ben Franklin Technology Partners and NJEDA.


Robin Hood Ventures members are life-long learners. Members have access to education on deal terms, the local ecosystem, upcoming tax and legal changes, and industry updates and exploration of trends. Many say the opportunity to hear presentations from companies in a variety of cutting-edge industries is a great reason to join. Members learn from post-mortems on companies that have exited. And for those who are new to angel investing, new members have the option to have a mentor assigned to them.


We commonly make follow-on investments in our companies. While valuations are typically higher, these companies have performed against projected milestones and show traction with investors, strategics and customers. These are pre-vetted deals where some of our members have come to know the management and understand the market and product.


As a member-led organization, members can participate in screening and due diligence, as well as sourcing opportunities. It’s a great way to get involved in the community – members mentor entrepreneurs, serve on advisory boards, participate in accelerators, venture forums, competitions, etc. Members also serve as directors on boards of portfolio companies in which we invest, on a rotating basis.


RHV pools its investments through an LP set up for each company, so there is one set of paperwork for members and one set of documents for the company. You receive a K-1 tax form each year for each of your investments and the cost is included in your membership dues.


  • Play an active role throughout the life cycle of an investment. This includes sponsoring, screening, and performing due diligence on potential investments.
  • Support our portfolio companies with introductions and advice, mentoring entrepreneurs, or serving on investee company boards.
  • Represent Robin Hood Ventures and our portfolio companies with dignity and respect.
  • Actively participate in our monthly meetings.
  • Invest actively and build a portfolio that meets your priorities and investment goals (generally 8-10 RHV companies over 5 years).

Members must be accredited investors under SEC Regulation D, Invest on their own behalf and have operational and/or entrepreneurial experience that adds value to the group. If you are interested in joining, complete this brief information form, and we will get right back to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Weber.