Angel Group Structures

Angel Group Structures

Posted by Ellen Weber

People often ask us about the different types of angel groups, and how to know which is the right type of angel group for them. Here’s some thoughts on the angel group landscape.

Individual Angels
Individual angels invest on their own, and run the gamut from putting in $10K to your entire funding amount. They can be found in the Philadelphia area through your accountant or attorney, and many of them attend local angel groups through PIF.

Angel Networks
These angels look at deals as a group, but invest as individuals.

Angel Funds
Angel members buy units in a fund, and vote their units on investments. In a fund, angel investors participate in the selection, due diligence and voting process. Generally a majority of members direct where funds are placed.

Angel Hybrid
Angels join a group, invest together in each deal as a partnership, but each individual member determines how much they choose to invest in each deal. They can opt in or out of any deal. Robin Hood Ventures is an angel hybrid.