Philly’s New Technology Meetup

Philly Tech Meetup

Philly’s New Technology Meetup

I would like to use this post to introduce myself as the new analyst here at Robin Hood Ventures. My name is Brittany Esser and I am a current law student at Drexel, focusing in entrepreneurial and business law. I was led to Robin Hood  through my interest in entrepreneurship and, specifically, the awesome startup ecosystem that we have right here in Philly.

That being said, I was glad to represent Robin Hood at the first meeting of the Philly New Technology Meetup on May 14! It was great to see so many enthusiastic entrepreneurs and Philly techies gather around for an inspirational night. However, what was most interesting was the conversation drawn around angel capital. There were some questions posed about angel funding, such as:

  • How do Startups seek seed money?
  • Why does it seem so difficult to raise early-round capital in Philly? 

Angels, like those found in Robin Hood, are accredited investors, all looking to fund disruptive ideas and innovative startups. Philadelphia is home to many angel groups other than Robin Hood such as: DreamIt Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Gabriel Investments, Delaware Crossing and many more. Maybe the problem lies within the web of communication, allowing misinformation to arise in the space between angel investors and entrepreneurs. Angels come in all different shapes and sizes, some may be single individuals or some may be angel groups, like Robin Hood, but one of the qualities angels have in common is that they want to build and raise great companies. Robin Hood’s members are always looking for exciting and interesting companies to fund, especially ones right here in Philly. Thus, the hope is that as Philly’s tech and entrepreneurial scene continues to flourish, the awareness of this great angel community grows right alongside of it.